A country, it is for me, a face, a smile, a welcome, a name, much more than the city, the mountains,the forests or the rivers. (Pierre Fillit)


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What  to see

The stone portals


Masterpieces born by the skilled hands of master stonemasons, are witnesses of the ancient art of stone working ...


"As a casket retains its treasures and protects them and hides them to fate, so every country is the guardian of his past; in the memories, in the air, in the stories, among ancient palaces and glorious alleys...


Font: “The portals of Davoli between history and culture”

by Felice Iezzi



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St. Anthony's Stone

In the mountain area of the territory of Davoli, characterized by a monolithic formation, called "Stone of St. Anthony", there are the ruins of two monasteries Basilian testimony of monasticism greek.


Both were built in the vicinity of existing Byzantine monasteries and were characterized by the placement of small churches 'outside of the perimeter of the convent.

The Ancient Village

One of these, the Monastery of the Virgin of Pietra Santa, located at 1000 mt. above sea level, right next to the granite formation of the "Stone of St. Anthony" was used by the monks for over eight centuries and was a place of spiritual retreat  for famous nobles.


The wall structure of the monastery of the Virgin of Pietra Santa and the nearby hermitage suffered significant damage during the earthquake of 1783, but until the early sixties of the last century, were still visible most of the ruins of the walls and domes of 'hermitage .


More recently you could only see the remains of the floor and behind the stone monolith, a strain funeral of the time before the Byzantine era, which can suggest the presence of a 'sacred area or of a necropolis in prehistoric times.

The old watermill

Sanctuary S. Maria della Misericordia

The Sanctuary is located in the town of Davoli, despite the historical events see it as a border Sanctuary with the neighboring municipality of San Sostene.


It is ituated on a small natural hill  approximately 470 meters s.l.m as reported by the 'IGM 10,000 (F.247 IV- NO - D). It can be reached from the provincial road SP128.


The building, which originally housed a small rural church has undergone several interventions and alterations until  the last restoration and subsequent reopening to the public Aug. 17, 2001.


It became parish sanctuary in occasion of the Jubilee Year 2000 by the decree of Bishop Antonio Cantisani.