A country, it is for me, a face, a smile, a welcome, a name, much more than the city, the mountains,the forests or the rivers. (Pierre Fillit)


DAVOLI tourism


'A Naca


A  religious rite that has been handed down from the seventeenth century and  is celebrated every Good Friday, in Davoli.


¬†According to tradition  at 10 PM on Good Friday through the streets of the town  are lined by a very special procession as the statue of the dead Jesus is accompanied by dozens of fir trees lit by colored lanterns.


The peculiarity lies precisely in the fir trees that are laden with lit street lamps and even more in the fact that it is precisely the local boys to prepare these lanterns.

The donkey's dance


Typical dance that takes place in Davoli and in different countries of Calabria. A puppet by the silhouette of a donkey, covered with fireworks and instead head to a helper is detonated between dance, music and thunderous sounds.


It 'a propitiatory ritual and apotropaic (from the greek apotrópaios, dismissing the misfortune) that normally closes a street party.




The folk music


The Calabrian folk music has its roots in the traditions accompanying with its instruments (guitar, accordion, bagpipes and tambourine) every moment of life and the year: the events are happy and joyful (weddings, baptisms, religious holidays) for more events sad (funerals).


Today the Calabrian folk music was rediscovered and revived in a modern way with new sounds, but without losing sight of the folk expression that characterizes it.