A country, it is for me, a face, a smile, a welcome, a name, much more than the city, the mountains,the forests or the rivers. (Pierre Fillit)


DAVOLI tourism



Between history and legend

The nature of the place always had a decisive role in the history of Davoli:

the sea from the crystal clear waters and the countless shades, the extensive coastline of golden sand, cooled by sea breezes and westerly breeze, the austere mountains, shady and fragrant, which overlook the sea.


In the seventh century A.C. the first settlers of Greece found in this territory a easy landing area, settling at the mouths of Alaca and Ancinale rivers.

In fact, the name of Davoli,  Daulia in origin, comes from Daulia (now Davlia or Davleia), city of Phocis, in Central Greece, from where the founders would leave.


(Landscape of actual  Davleia)

Saracen raids and the birth of the village

The original settlement was built on the heights of Davoli, and then developed along the coastline.


This was due to the danger of raids from the sea of Saracens and Turks, with raids and kidnappings, which was the worry of coastal populations of the Ionian coast of Calabria, so as to force them to seek refuge inside, to safer places.

"Alarm, alarm, the bell rings, the Turks have landed at the sea".

The territory

Davoli has a population of 5,631 inhabitants (2014 census) on two major population centers: the Ancient Village  and the Marine Area on a total area of 25.70 square kilometers.


The territory is characterized by long beaches that are reflected in a crystal clear sea towards which  dotted with citrus orchards and olive groves hills degrade.


Behind, a few kilometers, the lush green foothills of the Serre with chestnut, pine, fir and beech.  




Not only tourism

“Lose one's past is to lose one's future”

Rediscover our roots

and our culture


The Ancient Village

In the Ancient Village (401m s.l.m), where time seems to stand still, you can see ancient buildings, stone portals made by skilled stonemasons, enjoy the quiet and still enjoy traditional flavors of a cuisine passed down for generations.

The Marine Area

The Marine Area, with its long golden sandy beaches and its clear sea, is an important tourist and shopping area.